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  • Another Great Volcano Friday Evening!

    Mon 11 Sep 2017

    FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 7:30pm FREE ENTRY Rats and Eels and the lost Baltic city of Vineta, or: How Novels cross Borders Bilingual, multi-media...

  • Buon Appetito - Drinks under the Awning!

    Fri 08 Sep 2017

    To celebrate the arrival of Buon Appetito's shop awning and to discuss next steps towards getting more awnings in the High Street, we are having...

  • Troublemakers' Mini-Exhibition

    Fri 08 Sep 2017

    There's a mini-exhibition of photos, artworks, sounds, placards, film and memorabilia from Troublemaker's Festival in the Volcano foyer until...

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  • Volcano at the Edinburgh Fringe

    Tue 08 Aug 2017

    A lifetime ago, a bunch of us from Wales came up to the Fringe. We played in Jimmy and Sarah Boyle’s venue, The Gateway Exchange. It was 1988....

  • EEP with Unity Theatre

    Thu 03 Sep 2015

    Volcano Theatre, as part of the From The Station To The Sea IDEAS:PEOPLE:PLACES project, has been working with Unity Theatre to deliver a series...

  • Yr Odyn - Ciara O'Sullivan

    Thu 03 Sep 2015

    Yr Odyn is a scheme run by Volcano Theatre to support and galvanize emerging artsits and new companies in Wales. For 2015 Ciara O'Sullivan was...

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