An Original Voice in Theatre

  • Satish Kumar Documentary

    Thu 30 Apr 2015

    This year, we are supporting Emergence in their ambitions to create a landmark documentary series with Satish Kumar, one of the greatest living...

  • Culture Shift report launches 12 Nov!

    Thu 16 Oct 2014

    Emergence has been commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales to write a report that maps sustainable arts practice in Wales. The report is called...

  • The Iceland Building

    Mon 13 Oct 2014

    There's a transformation afoot in Swansea High Street. You may already have noticed an eerie blue glow in the upstairs windows of the former...

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  • Illusions

    Thu 16 Apr 2015

    In the early days of Volcano, I went for a bar job at The Oystercatcher in Mumbles. I was looking quite tidy: freshly bleached skinhead hair-cut,...

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