An Original Voice in Theatre

  • New Artist Commission - The Shoulder of Mutton

    Wed 11 Oct 2017

    From the Station to the Sea and Swansea’s City Centre Management team seek to commission an artist to design and create a temporary artwork on...

  • Music & Mental Health

    Mon 02 Oct 2017

    An evening with Stephen JohnsonTuesday 3 October 7pmDrawing on extracts from his forthcoming book about music and mental health, How...

  • Another Great Volcano Friday Evening!

    Mon 11 Sep 2017

    FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 7:30pm FREE ENTRY Rats and Eels and the lost Baltic city of Vineta, or: How Novels cross Borders Bilingual, multi-media...

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  • Volcano at the Edinburgh Fringe

    Tue 08 Aug 2017

    A lifetime ago, a bunch of us from Wales came up to the Fringe. We played in Jimmy and Sarah Boyle’s venue, The Gateway Exchange. It was 1988....

  • EEP with Unity Theatre

    Thu 03 Sep 2015

    Volcano Theatre, as part of the From The Station To The Sea IDEAS:PEOPLE:PLACES project, has been working with Unity Theatre to deliver a series...

  • Yr Odyn - Ciara O'Sullivan

    Thu 03 Sep 2015

    Yr Odyn is a scheme run by Volcano Theatre to support and galvanize emerging artsits and new companies in Wales. For 2015 Ciara O'Sullivan was...

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