Prosthetic Soul

A Medical Musical

Prosthetic Soul is a new musical about the impossible promises of modern medicine and cosmetic surgery. A satirical, thought-provoking look at an industry that trades in the promise of miracles. Welcome to a surreal dystopia of (im)patient care, administrative overload and private profit.

Once seen as the preserve of vain celebrities and the super-rich, cosmetic surgery has now become part our everyday lives, offering us yet another constant reminder of our imperfections, and shifting the goalposts of normality. Why submit to the indignity of growing old or being ugly when even the hard-pressed can save up and buy their way out of nature's cruel game with an endoscopic eyebrow lift or a lower trunk body-tuck? Attractive people succeed in life, get paid more and climb the ladder faster than those less appealing to the eye – is rejuvenating our sagging faces or nether regions becoming part of the duty to maximise our personal advantages in a competitive society?

Prosthetic Soul is a show for anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and thought “What if..?”

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Prosthetic Soul is an exciting new collaboration between Mr & Mrs Clark and Volcano.

Prosthetic Soul has been researched and developed by Mr & Mrs Clark, Alex Alderton, Philip Ralph , Fern Smith , and Igor Vasiliev and presented as a work-in-progress at Chapter Arts Centre in 2009. It was subsequently workshopped and performed with students at Swansea Metropolitan University in Spring 2010, under the direction of Mr & Mrs Clark.

Images by Kirsten McTernan