A Few Little Drops

The Extraordinary Life of Water. An Offsite™ production.

This unique, mind-bending and environmentally topical show explores the strange properties of water, its awesome power, its fundamental role in maintaining life, its fragile purity and its extraordinary beauty. Our purpose is to inspire you with a sense of the preciousness of water - what it means to waste it, pollute it or desecrate it and why people across the world might worship it, cherish it, steal it or fight over it.

Onward Life

The subject matter of A Few Little Drops captures imaginations across ages and places. Since originally creating the show in 2007 we have commissioned an interactive science-based water show for schools in Wales; revived the show to tour to international festivals in Scotland and Canada; and led water-themed collaborative projects in Kuwait and Qatar for theatre practitioners and other artists, under the auspices of the British Council. Volcano welcomes proposals to bring the A Few Little Drops team to work with groups and organisations across the world in creative explorations of water issues. Please see links to the right for details of previous projects.

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