Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's timeworn classic, revitalized for the reality-TV generation.

Shakespeare's "excellent and lamentable" tragedy becomes a multi-media game of risk and chance. A seemingly benevolent father-figure offers three young strangers the chance to follow in the footsteps of Shakespeare's young lovers. With four days to play and no rules or limits, watched by cameras and monitored on TV screens, the three innocents compete to sacrifice themselves in the name of the greatest love story ever told.

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Text: William Shakespeare
Directed by Fern Smith and Paul Davies
Film by John Hardwick
Choreography by Rasmus Ölme
Original Cast: Nick Chambers, Matilda Leyser, Eric MacLennan, Niamh McGrady
2005 Cast: Caryl Morgan, Philip Ralph, Richard Shackley, Amy Starling