Thomas Bernhard's most audacious and satirical work. Directed by Kathryn Hunter.

Destination is a hilarious and apocalyptic black farce. It is a ludicrous account of power and oppression explored through the relationship between a domineering mother and her enslaved daughter. They live in the shadow of a once thriving but now crumbling foundry. The annual escape from this industrial graveyard to their summer retreat is thrown into turmoil when a young and brilliant playwright is invited to join them. The guilt-ridden mother struggles to find meaning from her past and to embrace the possibility of change and revolution in the future, whatever the outcome or cost.

"It is not enough that a few young people hit a few older ones over the head... everything needs to be wiped out over night."

Destination is the English-language premiere of Thomas Bernhard's Am Ziel. Although virtually unknown in Britain, Bernhard is undisputedly one of Europe's most original contemporary playwrights. His work mixes the worlds of Kafka, Beckett and Pinter, creating a uniquely eccentric picture of humanity and the modern world.

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Directed by Kathryn Hunter
Cast: Burn Gorman; Matilda Leyser; Fern Smith
New Translation by Jan-willem van den Bosch
Movement Adviser: Marcello Magni
Design: Liz Cooke
Lighting Design: Andrew Jones
Music by Patrick Fitzgerald