Medea: Sexwar

A ferocious take on Euripides by Tony Harrison. With Valerie Solanas's SCUM Manifesto.

A ferocious, blood-sweating sex-war ritual exploring the creation of myth and the bastardisation of the character of Medea as a barbarian princess and infanticidal bitch.

Harrison's Medea looked at Euripides' story in which Medea kills her children in a passionate act of revenge. Harrison returned to original sources and found a different tale: far from being the murderess of her offspring, Medea was depicted in earlier myths as the fond parent of fourteen children who were killed by the Corinthians. Because plans for a performance of this alternative version of the myth at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York fell through, it had never been performed.

Volcano's version is a challenging conjunction of two radically different texts. It interweaves parts of the libretto and ideas of Medea with text from the SCUM Manifesto. This anarcho-feminist manifesto (written by Valerie Solanas - the woman now famous for shooting Andy Warhol) proposed a 'Society for Cutting Up Men', a radical programme of feminist changes.


Cast: Paul Davies; Nike Imoru; Fern Smith; Simon Thorp
Written by Tony Harrison
Additional Text from Valerie Solanas's SCUM Manifesto
Directed by Janek Alexander
Movement by Nigel Charnock