Past Productions

  • Past Productions

  • After the Orgy

    "Pornography for Intellectuals" The Bishop of Galway

  • Destination

    Thomas Bernhard's most audacious and satirical work. Directed by Kathryn Hunter.

  • From My Point of View

    A Steven Berkoff story about loneliness,sex and the single woman.

  • Greek

    Berkoff's adaptation of the Oedipus Myth.

  • Hitting Funny

    Filthy, serious comedy theatre. For adults only.

  • How to Live (Ibsenities)

    A radical adaptation of the later works of Ibsen.

  • Macbeth: Director's Cut

    Featuring contemporary serial killers and a fabulous red curtain.

  • Magbeth

    Adapted from a Marks & Gran comic strip and Shakespeare, to "celebrate" a decade of Thatcherism.

  • Manifesto

    Based on a rather influential pamphlet of 1848.

  • Medea: Sexwar

    A ferocious take on Euripides by Tony Harrison. With Valerie Solanas's SCUM Manifesto.

  • Moments of Madness

    An absurd investigation into the troubled psyche of a small nation.

  • Private Lives

    Stripped of its customary glamour and set in a crumbling asylum.

  • Reasons to Be Silent

    An intimate dialogue between a house and an audience.

  • Romeo and Juliet

    Shakespeare's timeworn classic, revitalized for the reality-TV generation.

  • TalkSexShow

    An evening of humour, practical demonstration, domestic film footage and unparalled wisdom.

  • Tell-Tale Heart

    Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of guilt, terror and paranoia.

  • The Message

    A disturbing account of hell on earth from Greek tragedy to the suicidal nineties.

  • The Town That Went Mad

    A bastard Welsh lyric. They closed down Volcano's Under Milk Wood... so we wrote another.

  • This Imaginary Woman

    A Modern Requiem

  • Time of My Life

    Alan Ayckbourn, vulcanised. Winner of a Barclays Stage Partners Award.

  • Under Milk Wood

    Incurring the displeasure of the Dylan Thomas estate. Directed by Branko Brezovec.

  • UP2008: Threshold

    Marc Rees's haunting elegy from The Palace Theatre.

  • UP2009: Walk The Dead Dog

    The second project in the Unknown Pleasures series.

  • V

    Tony Harrison's controversial poem about culture, class, nationalism, rootlessness, belonging and the violence of youth.

  • Vagina Dentata

    A female tragedy. With teeth. Featuring a male corpse, and written by Paul Davies.

  • What Am I Doing Here?

    A better life in a new place. But will you be allowed in?