About Us

"Theatre had lost its way. It had missed the energy and impossibility of punk, the obviousness of state socialism, the adrenaline of sport."

Volcano is an artist-led organisation that explores ideas and social relations through performance and participation. Viewing its audiences as active participants in making meaning; and embracing the immediacy, surprise and risk at the heart of the live experience, the company's work is highly responsive to social and political context. With a perpetual sense of unfinished business, Volcano is committed to making, dismantling and remaking - bringing fresh sense to its material in the present, with an eye on everything it has been through. Based in Swansea, the company occupies a disused industrial city centre building where it creates original work and hosts visiting arts. We are outward-looking Welsh internationalists with deep Swansea roots, fascinated by the place we live and make work and its relationship to other places.

What We Do
  • We produce original theatre productions and site-specific events.
  • We tour theatre productions in Wales, the UK and all over the world.
  • We research and develop new ideas.
  • We commission work from writers, visual artists and film-makers.
  • We curate events that bring other artists and participants together.
  • We teach and inspire through workshops and residencies.
Who's Who: Meet the Volcano Team

Paul Davies - Artistic Director
Claudine Conway - Executive Producer
Victoria Boobyer - Marketing & Media Officer
Sarah Dow – Finance Officer
Roz Moreton - Creative Producer, What Makes A Home and Storyopolis

Board of Directors
Professor Keith Lloyd (Chair) – Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Head of the Medical School at Swansea University.
Gavin Dudeney - Gavin is Director of Technology at The Consultants-E, and lead tutor (MATALL) on the NILE / University of Chichester MA in Professional Development for Language Education
Marc Jones - Senior Client Oversight Manager, Barclays Partner Finance
Allie Symonds - IT Business Relationship Manager, Blake Morgan LLP
Elen Thomas
Professor Catrin Webster - Freelance Artist and Programme Director for Swansea College of Art, BA Fine Art, MA Contemporary Dialogues & Research Degrees

Catherine Bennett - Movement Director
George Harris - Associate Producer (Touring)
Tim Batcup - Project Director, Storyopolis

Volcano has been working with Coastal since 2010 to bring new creative energy and community resources to Swansea High Street through ongoing partnership and project initiatives, including the Arts Council of Wales's Ideas People Places scheme and its legacy projects -Storyopolis, What Makes a Home and Beastly Ongoings.


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