Camilla Clarke


Camilla Clarke designed Volcano's Seagulls, reconstructing Chekhov's 'rough stage by a lake' as a spare wooden structure atop a flooded interior, with actors moving partly by rope access. Camilla graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2014. Her recent work includes Yuri with August012 and Triptych with De Oscuro. She was awarded the Linbury Prize for Stage Design in 2015 and is designing a production for the Royal Court.

"The actors climb beams and walls, swing on ropes suspended from the ceiling, engage in wrestling matches and move around the space in a kinetic blur that makes one breathless just watching them, with a dazzling coup de théâtre that occurs midway through the action and opens the space up into completely new territory. [...] the set design by Camilla Clarke is a visual treat from start to finish." Buzz Magazine

"The theatrical impact of her concept is achieved in two ways. Not only is the design audacious and excitingly original but director Paul Davies has arranged the action in such a way that its full realisation only becomes clear to the audience in a stunning visual coup" Theatre in Wales

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