Yr Odyn - Ciara O'Sullivan

Posted on: Thursday, September 3, 2015 by Erin Rickard

Yr Odyn is a scheme run by Volcano Theatre to support and galvanize emerging artsits and new companies in Wales. For 2015 Ciara O'Sullivan was selected as one of the two Yr Odyn award artists, and has been working from Volcano Theatre on Swansea High Street on a new performance "Feic" in preparation for Amsterdams Fringe Festival

Feic is an Irish verb, meaning 'to see', the piece centres around Bouffon, a type of clowning that offers a way of highlighting (and attacking) social issues through mockery. Feic was performed to an invited audience in Volcano, Swansea on the 25th August, before making its way 500 miles to Astarotheatro in Amsterdam.

If you find yourself at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, be prepared for audience interaction and strong language from Ciara O'Sullivan. 


Paul Davies

Erin Rickard

Erin Rickard

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