What Makes a Home?

*WHAT MAKES A HOME* is suspended during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch this space for news of its post-lockdown iterations...

We all know there are people that are without a home they can call their own and perhaps we all know that there are people who would like to live in different homes to the ones they currently occupy.

Volcano Theatre Company, working in collaboration with Coastal Housing and Swansea-based artists, created a temporary space called What Makes A Home in a location right in the centre of Swansea.

This project is an attempt to discover, in a playful and participatory way, what people would do if they had time to explore what makes a home for them.

The participants are Coastal Housing residents who are exploring and interpreting their vision of what home means to them: is it space; being connected to their community; light and sounds; family conversations; or just a having the biggest bed you can imagine? Creating various ‘Homes’, we hope to create debate, discussion and delight by providing a unique experience to observe and participate in a how it makes us feel when we start to consciously start to think about how we occupy and live in our home-space.

Working over a period of four weeks the five participants, who have each been paired up with a Swansea-based artist, are creating their vision of what makes a home for them in five installation spaces. Philip Cheater will then adapt and connect the spaces to create a journey through the different ideas of home.

Participants' ‘Homes’ were on display in Swansea and OPEN to the public on:

Friday 31stt May 2019 from 11am-7pm and Saturday 1st June 10am-7pm

At the former ‘Happy Homes’ premises at 21-22 Castle Street, Swansea SA1 1LG

If you would like more information about the project then please contact our Creative Producer Roz Moreton

A Station to Sea Legacy Project, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Zepur Agopyan, Jason A’hearn, Philip Cheater, Gary Crosby, Emily Davies, Chris Harris, Ray Hobbs, Saba Humayun, Jason & Becky, Lee Ludick, Dili Pitt, Eifion Porter, Fran Williams.

Thanks to Geraldine Osborne, BP2 Property, Huw Williams, Jeremy Hill, CJ Ashen.


Creative Producer: Roz Moreton

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