Life and Loss

Tue 19 Nov 2019 to Tue 03 Dec 2019


Swansea based Ann Jordan is a Fine Artist who creates three dimensional sculptural artworks mainly in textiles. Her work is ‘hands on’ and process driven. She has exhibited widely in Wales, often in public spaces and beyond including Colorado, Venice and France. Her work is also held in private collections.

In her exhibition “LIFE & LOSS” Ann is aiming to send a myriad of different messages. “LIFE” is celebrated with the lushness, fecundity and colour of her own garden depicted in a contemporary way, through a variety of skills, crafts processes and materials. The fragility of flowers and plants, the cyclic nature of renewal of setting of seed, flowering and dying echo human life. Throughout art history flowers have been seen as a symbol of memento mori. “LOSS” reflects the fragility of our planet and the accelerating heinous future that it faces due to human interventions putting consumerism, profit and supposed progress before sustainability. “LOSS” is also an event we all experience in our own personal lives which never leaves us cemented in memory.

Ann gained an MA Contemporary Dialogues (Dist) 2010 at the now UWTSD and is a founder director of elysiumgallery, Swansea.

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