The Inner Universe

Thu 05 Dec 2019 to Thu 19 Dec 2019

Mixed media painting & ceramic art

The inner universe project explores the human experience when in connection with the phenomena from the deep inner mind. 

When you tune your consciousness into the inner universe, rather like tuning a radio channel, you might be able to listen to your inner voice. Perhaps true peace emanating from inside your heart will spread out or, maybe, you will notice things which already exist. You may observe a life force which created all things such as the universe; that there exists something so great and awe inspiring inside of each one of us. It is not something outside, not what you see with your eyes, but that which are able to feel with your heart. Indeed, when you notice something inside yourself, your perception of the outside world might be altered.

As an expression of the deep inner soul, the existence of which is a core belief we hold. It is represented something to encapsulate the essence of the inner universe which can be felt deep within your heart.

Mixed media painting by Ryoko Minamitani

Ryoko is Japanese artist who lives and works in Swansea Wales. (Recently moved from Leeds) She explores the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression. During meditative states, she transfers the true nature of the inner unconscious behind the mental and emotional phenomena on the art works. In particular, she focuses in capturing the expressions of the essential soul.


Ceramic art by Kiramics

Kiramics - dialogues with clay is a London based ceramic artist who creates a variety of works including tea ceremony objects and sculptures for interior display, all with a contemporary sensitivity. Her ceramics are inspired by the natural world - organic forms found on beaches, in a forest, or a desert.



Live Poetry by Xavier Panades 

The launch will be accompanied by music and poems from Xavier Panades, alongside Ryoko on the singing bowl. Xavier is a Catalan-born reciter and singer, whose music is described as ‘intuitive, passionate and unexpected’. Together Xavier and Ryoko will perform a 30 minute set which celebrates journeys of self-discovery and human emotions that reach the entrails of our existence.

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