New Artist Commission - The Shoulder of Mutton

Posted on: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

From the Station to the Sea and Swansea’s City Centre Management team seek to commission an artist to design and create a temporary artwork on the boarded-up area on the front of the former Shoulder of Mutton pub on High Street. We are looking for an artwork that will improve the appearance of the building and draw people to the High Street, contributing to the area’s distinctive identity and growing reputation for innovative artistic interventions.

The Shoulder of Mutton is situated on Swansea High Street in between the historically significant Elysium Palace (currently unoccupied and in a state of disrepair) and a Japanese restaurant. The Shoulder of Mutton has not been in use for many years and looks very worse for wear: one of the doors and the ‘shop window’ area are boarded over, and the paintwork on the windows is peeling extensively. It even has its own vegetation. There is, however, an attractive wrought iron gate, pretty turret-style miniature bay windows, the main signage is still intact, and there are other tell-tail signs of it having once been a pub. The fixing for a hanging sign is also still in place.

Please note this commission is just for the boarded-up area of the façade. In due course, ownership and health & safety considerations permitting, we hope to be able to commission a work for the whole façade, but for the moment we are focusing just on this area. Your proposal may reflect this possible development, or it might be a discrete work in its own right.

THE DEADLINE IS MONDAY 30 OCTOBER! Please download the full brief and instructions for how to apply on the right


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