Pianos for High Street

Posted on: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Swansea Soup project by Rowena Griffiths, supported by From the Station to the Sea.

At the end of the Troublemakers’ Festival this summer, local people came together at Swansea Soup to pitch their ideas for what they’d like to see happen on Swansea High Street. The audience then voted for their favourite, which was awarded a small seed-fund to get it off the ground. The winning proposal was pitched by young musician and college student Rowena Griffiths, whose
idea is for unwanted pianos to be upcycled in collaboration with artists and placed on and around High Street, to be played and enjoyed by everyone. Station2Sea is supporting Rowena to realise her idea, starting with a piano for the High Street railway station, which we hope will be in place for Christmas. Take a look at Rowena’s brief below for how to get involved in making this happen.

From Rowena:
This project is all about bringing people together through a love of music and art. I want the pianos to express Swansea’s vibrancy and creativity and am looking for a small number of artists (2-4) who would be happy to collaborate together to create a brand-new artwork directly on to a piano. Individuals, collectives and artist-collaborators are all invited to submit design ideas in response to one of the following themes:

- Nature
- Space and the universe
- Renaissance-style art
- A response to the station setting
- Your own idea!

The work can be in any media and there is a budget for materials.

I am so excited about this project creating an urban soundscape to engage people in music in our public spaces of Swansea and am looking forward to seeing your ideas!

If you’d like to submit a proposal, please send:

- A jpeg or pdf of your design idea
- A jpeg or pdf of your design idea mapped on to a piano
- A brief outline of materials required (inc. approx. costs) and installation/application methodology.

Proposals should be emailed to Rowena by 10am on Monday 4th

If you’ve any queries at all, please call Rowena on 07952 800751

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