Bourdon Brindille

Wed 06 Feb 2019 to Sat 16 Feb 2019

Artist Bourdon Brindille plans to bring a lot of Love to Volcano Theatre…

Right in time for Valentine’s Day.

On Feb 6th in Volcano Theatre, High St, Swansea, local Welsh artist Bourdon Brindille’s exhibition & Pop-up Valentine’s shop will open, briefly, till the 16th.

And its theme is Love. But this is not your sterilized, pre-packaged, photoshopped Love. This is Love that barrels between the Sentimental & Sensual, the Clichéd & Contemporary, the Sultry & Sorrowful and the Simple & Complex. Like we all do.

Through mediums as diverse as paintings, woodcarvings, drawings, concrete sculptures and prints, Bourdon explores ideas spring-boarded by that little fffffour letter word. Love. And an exploration of ideas is exactly what it is.

This show promises to be about thoughts, ideas and dwellings. Every piece within the show, from the smallest pin badge to the 2 metre long framed artwork, hangs neatly on ideas.Image reads Come and bring your broken little hearts.

‘The seemingly diverse nature of my work is only a by-product of what drives me, and that is Ideas,’ says Bourdon. ‘Ideas, no matter how silly or complex are what push me forward.’ Bourdon continues, ‘I hope to produce beautiful things, but only because I believe people will respond far better to beauty than to ugliness. Whatever lies beneath that beauty: dark ideas, ugly truths, painful notions or sweet thoughts, the surface must pull the viewer with beauty, toward the idea beneath.’ He says, ‘I would rather be shouted at by a pretty girl than flirted with by an hideous donkey.’

Dotted about the exhibition, tiny things, almost hidden amongst the larger collection of Perspex covered and white plinthed sculptures are chess pieces, but not as you know them.

They are an example of Bourdon’s ethos.

‘Chess is as ripe and as sweet and as ready to pluck for a metaphor as any good-god-damn-thing could ever be.’ Says Bourdon ‘It is the story of humanity (at least up until this point) in a nutshell. It is about dualism, and difference, it's about hierarchy and progression, it is about movement, defeat, success, religion, deceit and death and everything in between.’ So he ran with it. Ideas, thoughts, concepts and metaphors are evident in abundance here. And these are just the really little things.

But this will not be a dry, cerebral, serious show; it is light, colourful and often funny. And nowhere is this more evident than his almost dystopian, Anti-valentine’s gifts that tread a cheeky, surreal, often saucily, comedic path. One mug proclaiming beside a teary, dripping heart ‘You Diminish a little of the Darkness in me’.

Bourdon trained in Illustration in Falmouth University but developed a love for 3D work over the years since; he has been obsessed with Art for decades, yet he has always had a reluctance to show his work. It being sometimes too personal and always preferring to actually create than to show, this is a rare opportunity to see a glimpse of what he has been up to all this time….

The breadth and scope of the pieces should ensure that there is at least something for every art lover and if art isn’t really your thing then maybe just come and grab a unique Valentine’s gift for that special someone who you fall asleep with.

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