Cloc Dant y Llew

Tue 05 Jun 2018 to Fri 29 Jun 2018

An installation by Jane Hosgood

In a cupboard off the main gallery at Volcano Theatre, you will find a viewing box in which the you can observe a series of films that explore  ‘everyday moments’ of and in time.

The experiment began in the everyday moments that pass. Could something truly unique, truly novel, arise from the simple process of filming time as it passes close

Beyond the door
The installation features a series of one-minute films that have been shot and edited between 14 June 2017 and the present moment. They are observations and encounters with time. Time, where each instant has the potential for change. Time we ignore in this fast-twitch world of instant gratification. The transient moments crafted into minute films explore the passage of time, each film responding to preceding films and the accompanying blog.

Each exists in the past and in our future until you observe it. From that point forwards it has the potential to connect and create new possibilities. Everyday moments that have the potential to become something new, to bring about change, to be dark precursors, to a brighter future.

In Hungarian folk law when you blow the seeds of a dandelion, you are blowing your thoughts and dreams to loved ones.

About Jane

Jane experiments in film and word, encouraging their ability to collaborate and create new possibilities through their interactions, and our observations. Her work plays with the beautiful experience of everyday moments and their effect on future possibilities. How, ‘Now’ is, where change happens, it influences the future, a future that could be a wonderful place if we take responsibility for it. “With effect comes responsibility. What I do in this moment has an effect. If the flow of time is real, instead of an illusion we create in our minds, then we become aware of a future that vividly highlights both the opportunities and the dangers confronting the human species.”

Jane as an Artist researches our contact with time. Capturing it in digital film, and installing it for us to see. As The Narrator, she documents and questions the process.

Jane works in collaboration with Islwyn Rees, the maker, builder, who helps transform scribbles on paper, and impossible ideas into physical reality.

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