The Epiphanies

Tue 05 Nov 2019 to Fri 15 Nov 2019

The Epiphanies- Daleet Léon

There is a reality and a power in dream, it is the ever-present context in which hopes, fears, desires, the imagination and the cosmos itself press their vitality against the mundane continuity of physical existence, and offers a gateway to the immortal life of the Soul and inexhaustible power of Mind.

The act of looking deeply into anything can reveal a presence of spirit and consciousness both permeating material form and transcending it – reflecting on the infinity of things and the processes that surround them becomes a realization of the timeless Self both residing in and surrounding the mortal self.

The primary, creative and transformational power of Consciousness, the intelligence and beauty embedded and manifested through the cosmos, the free-flowing, form-giving life of the imagination - are all evident in nature – in it is the Divine made manifest and love made known as the original instrument of creation.

The Transcendent seeking evolution through form, form producing new forms of consciousness in turn. The cycle of spirit- matter grows from the centre and reflects back onto the centre, where the creative imagination and spirit- consciousness evolve continuously- a cosmic exercise similar to the artist endeavour to produce more beauty, more knowledge, more love - for no tangible reason other than creativity itself.

Worlds within worlds and the movements therein- the circle and the spiral, the rising and the falling, the winding paths, the ever- moving horizon, the veil of darkness over caves and chasms, the inextinguishable light. 

This body of work is from the last 2 years or so- consisting of paintings, along with mixed analogue-digital media. Both practices embrace the notion of process and journeys into the serendipity and magic of transcendent space and time, seeking to find and reflect the Living Spirit on its many forms.

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