Fear of the Future

Fri 29 Sep 2017 to Fri 13 Oct 2017

A new solo exhibition bu Konstantinos Grigoriadis.

Opening night is Friday 29 September 7-11pm. Performance by Vijay Singh and more...

Free admission.

About the Artist
Konstantinos Grigoriadis was born in 1985 in Kozani, Greece. Since his early years, he started expressing himself as a punk musician, painter and illustrator. While studying at the A.T.E. I of Thessaloniki, he worked in many theatres and projects dealing with set design, sculpture, scenic painting, music performances and social activities. Simultaneously, he attended a modern art course at the M.M.C.A of Thessaloniki, and took part in the 1st Workshop of traditional architecture buildings restoration in north Greece. Konstantinos completed his BA in Fine Art (3D and sculptural practice) at the University of Wales Trinity St David in 2014. Currently based in south Wales, he became involved with steel props making and scenic projects for the film industry.

This practice explores and defines the consequences of rapid change of scientific and technological developments. Referring to a post-apocalyptic, biomechanic and dystopian world, it combines characteristics of science fiction with multicultural mythological aspects. Within a surreal, macabre and satirical manner, the visual language of this work describes the disastrous outcomes of the industrial and post-industrial world upon nature, culture and self-consciousness. Visually approaching and communicating the cyborgian grotesque, it generates an allegory for social reality. Based on the idea of deconstruction, it seeks to describe the ‘fear of the future’, the ‘reflections from damaged life’ and the 'hybridity' of existence in this conceptual time and space.

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