A Few Little Drops

Wed 06 Jun 2007 to Sat 27 Sep 2008

In the shell of a flood-devastated house somewhere in what used to be South Wales, the few survivors of a global watery catastrophe light driftwood fires to keep the armies of crabs at bay. A Few Little Drops tells the story of the most wonderful substance on earth, from a small boy’s precious spinal fluid to the vast and endlessly-rising tide of our collective nightmares.

In a unique, mind-bending and environmentally topical show, seven remarkable performers explore the strange properties of water, its awesome power, its fundamental role in maintaining life, its fragile purity and its extraordinary beauty. We will inspire you with a sense of the preciousness of water – what it means to waste it, pollute it or desecrate it and why people across the world might worship it, cherish it, steal it or fight over it.

The show takes place not in the theatre but in a specially-designed large outdoor structure we call THE CONTAINER. The Container holds both the show and the audience. It is shaped and inspired by stories of water and is both a part of the show and an intriguing and mysterious outdoor artwork.


An ensemble-devised piece, structured by Robert Minhinnick’s words and Miranda Melville’s design. Minhinnick is a poet, essayist and environmentalist whose 2006 book To Babel and Back won him the Welsh Book of the Year title for the second time. Melville’s extensive design work for theatre, film, opera and dance crosses the boundaries of sculpture and installation and in A Few Little Drops her extraordinary set, shaped and inspired by water, is almost a character in its own right.

The seven-strong ensemble consisted of Volcano originals Paul Davies and Fern Smith, along with a diverse range of performers including Walker Dance Park Music’s Catherine Bennett, Forced Entertainment’s Jeremy Killick, and performance artist Liam Yeates.

Video by Mark Parry and sound by Robbie Stamp.

A Few Little Drops has toured Wales and appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007 and Drama Na h'Alba, and at the Cultch in Vancouver in 2008.

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