Hitting Funny

Mon 07 Feb 2005 to Tue 04 Jul 2006

Hitting Funny is a provocatively filthy one-man show about a stand-up comic on the ropes. Comedian Chris Rich pushes humour beyond its acceptable limits in the search for an authentic voice. A dark, funny, twisted, moving play, exploring what we choose to laugh at and why. Serious comic theatre for adults only.

From sport to sex, from paedophilia to coprophilia, from Al Qaeda to President Blair – join Chris Rich as he embarks upon his first major tour, breaking in material for his hilarious new show, Things I Don’t Understand. Already several times nominated for the Overpriced Fizzy Water Prize, Chris is certain that this will be the show that finally breaks him into the big time.

Chris is a comic on the edge… Will tonight be the night he falls off?

Contains explicit material of an adult nature.


Written and performed by Philip Ralph
Directed by Paul Davies

Dedicated with love to
Actor, Poet, Comedian
Short Fat Bastard

The play Hitting Funny is represented by Julia Tyrrell Management Ltd.

Philip Ralph was nominated for The Stage Award for Acting Excellence.

Hitting Funny appeared in the British Council Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe 2005



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