Human Landscapes from My Country

Fri 21 Feb 2020

Be Aware present:

Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları (Birinci Kitap)
Human Landscapes From My Country (Book One)


A theatrical presentation of the epic Turkish poem Memleketimden Insan Manzaralari (Birinci Kitap) -  'Human Landscapes From My Country (Book One)' performed by Memet Ali Alabora.

Written during the Second World War, this verse-novel uses cinematic techniques to tell the story of the emergence of secular, modern Turkey.

By focusing on the always-entertaining stories of sundry characters from all walks of life, it becomes clear the narrator is also recounting the turbulent history of the 20th Century and the ongoing struggle between tradition, which trusts in God, and modernity, which entrusts the world to human hands.

Q&A with Feliz Celik and Tom Cheesman.

The piece is performed in Turkish. An accompanying English text is provided.

Written by: Nazım Hikmet
Directed by: Philip Mackenzie
Performed by: Memet Ali Alabora
Producer: Akın Olgun
Sound Design: Murat Çelikkol
Poster Design: ME Design
Production Manager: Cihan Yılmaz

We would like to thank Chapter and Cathy Boyce.

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