It's All Light Entertainment

Fri 01 Dec 2017 to Fri 15 Dec 2017

An Exhibition by James Teesdale & Adam Hassell

We don’t paint for any reason other than enjoyment and that it’s just what appears to be happening. But if you’re looking for something for your intellect to chew on you could view our paintings through the lens of these ideas:

Adam - "For me the exhibition might be exploring the dimensions of consciousness that sit before light moves into definable forms, patterns and shapes. That unmanifested part of existence that has not yet ordered itself into the lines that allow for experiential realities to be explored through the relative perspective of space and time."

James - "For me the exhibition is perhaps about the direct relationship between form and formlessness in everyday life. How the formless, uncreated, unborn nature is the ground that allows for all expression but is also within all form. Many of my pieces reflect where these two components more obviously intersect within the human experience, while others venture fully into boundary-less, formless expanse and potential."

About the Artists

Billionaire philanthropist and renowned artist extraordinaire, James Teesdale has done it all. From healing the injured children of Nicaragua, to orbiting Mar's moon (Phobos); it seems James carries his can-do attitude into all areas of his life. Tipped to be the first human ever to win the coveted "Greatest person in known reality" award, James still manages an air of humility and grace seen prior only in the most flat-footed of penguins and long-legged of giraffes. Enigma, mystery and hero to many, James now brings an exhibition to the public domain with the help of his close friend Adam Hasell. He hopes you enjoy the show and that awe does not completely overwhelm the senses so that the art may be fully viewed.
Thank you.  

Unlike the renowned James, Adam has lived a life entirely obscured from earth's awareness. At the age of three he was selected as one of two hundred earth-born humans to spend his years travelling the multiverse under the care of the Galactic Centre Of Expansion, an organisation that specialises in developing communication and interaction between different planetary civilisations. By his nine hundredth cantlan (twenty-five in human years) he had lived on six different planets and two space stations, but was yearning for a return to his birthplace. From the dreams of unicorns he built a flying craft and began a decade long voyage to earth. It was here, in the vicinity of Mars, that he met the magnificent one called James, who informed him of his plan to put on an exhibition of art in a volcano. Adam, a popular artist on Seareous IV, found this idea enticing and immediately agreed to partake in the project. It was only on his arrival to earth that he realised there had been a breakdown in communication. But being the good sport he is, he continued with his endeavour to share some imaginings in The Volcano, which, upon reflection, is a far better place to display art than in the bowels of a noxious mountain of burning lava located in the middle of nowhere, with poor transport links and no running water.

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