Sat 04 Aug 2018 to Sat 01 Sep 2018

子午線   Meridian: Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper

An elysium offsite exhibition


Yuan FengHui | Meng Jie | Wang LinTong | Zhao Hai Long | Gao Rong | Zhao Bao Shan | Qiang ShiJun | Dong Tao | Mu Ya Wei | Chen Ye | Ouyang YuLing | Zhang Yun

MERIDIAN is the result of the Sino –Welsh collaboration instigated by Jonathan Powell of Elysium Gallery and Robin Martin of Famay Cross Cultural Communications Xi'an China. The exhibition will herald the beginning of a yearlong Swansea/China artist and exhibitions exchange and is a part of this year's Beep Painting Biennial citywide festival of contemporary painting.

“Between two points, Line minimum, after starting from the beginning, dream I am to build the Bridge.” Wang Xiao 2013

Meridians are an integral part of traditional Chinese Medicine. The word also describes the connecting points of equal longitude that reflects our aim in establishing an on going connection with Welsh and China artists.

The Meridian exhibition will demonstrate the vibrant and dynamic and artistic, contemporary cultural landscape of Chang-an Xi’an which was the ancient capital of China and has been renowned as a city of outstanding artistic achievement for over five thousand years.

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