The Mighty New

Sat 29 Feb 2020 to Sat 11 Jul 2020

Creative movement and performance for children aged 9-14

THE MIGHTY NEW has moved online for lockdown! As part of our new ENCOUNTERS UNKNOWN creative programme for the period, the class now meets online every Saturday.

"Tuning in from their own homes, the children have embraced responding to choreographic tasks," explains Volcano's Movement Director Catherine Bennett. "The kind of tasks proposed, informed by how we are navigating our way through this pandemic, have considered the choreography of space, rather than the kind of choreography we are used to making for the stage."

Duets are popping up everywhere. On the streets it can feel like a game of chicken. Who will be the first to make space? What is the latest swerve or hop? It can feel a bit lonely without our dance partners at home, but we have objects to duet with. A duet with a chair, an imaginary glass box around us, an imaginary character. Perhaps our imaginations are more important than ever to have a conversation with, to keep us amused. The children are playing chicken hop not only on the pavements, but with objects, themselves, their imaginations and us, the virtual audience.”

Volcano's activities for young people provide the opportunity for young people to explore their ideas, inspire one another, and discover new skills. The emphasis is on enabling the participants to unlock their creativity through experimentation in performance and to build trust and confidence (in themselves and one another) in a supportive professional environment. We challenge young people with improvisational tasks that require practical, imaginative participation. Volcano aims to equip young performers with the tools and the skills to think and move for themselves with confidence and create their own work.

Young people from Volcano have created and performed original works including Ordered Chaos and Micropolis, and have appeared with professional actors in the 2019 Volcano Production Hispaniola!

THE MIGHTY NEW forms an ideal pathway into Volcano Youth Company for 15-21 year-olds.

Let's Dance by The Mighty New

The classes are led by Volcano Associate Artist, professional director, dancer and choreographer Catherine Bennett.

Fees are £50 per term*

Contact Catherine if you would like further information.
*A small number of bursary places are available at no cost for those who are unable to meet the course fee - please email.

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