My Heart Loves in My Language

Fri 27 Oct 2017

7.30pm - 10pm

In Swansea, we speak 150 languages. Everyone is welcome at the launch of My Heart Loves in My Language – a collection of stories and poems on the theme of languages, by people in Swansea, the majority of whom are asylum-seekers. DOWNLOAD THE POSTER ON THE RIGHT OF THE PAGE AND SPREAD THE WORD.


There will be music, poems, stories.  And free food.  We will refund bus fares and arrange taxis home for people who need it.

My heart loves in my language
I can love in it
I can dream in it
I can shout in it
But I can't translate it
So it sounds like my language

Hannah Sabatia

Publisher: Hafan Books, a project run by Swansea Bay Asylum Seekers Support Group, with Swansea Women’s Asylum and Refugee Group.

With thanks to Swansea University’s Cross-Language Dynamics Project (part of the Open World Research Initiative / Arts and Humanities Research Council), Wales PEN Cymru, and all the organisations and individuals who have contributed to making this book and assisted the research carried out by Dr Filiz Celik.

For more details… get the book! £9.99 (discounts available). Book sales benefit Swansea Asylum Seekers' Support Group.

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