Thu 14 Dec 2017 to Fri 15 Dec 2017

Volcano is delighted to welcome performance and art collective Espai_F from Formentera. The company will be developing their work in Swansea for a fortnight, and presenting FREE performances on 14 and 15 December!


Nautae is the concluding show in a trilogy launched in 2012 with Cap de Tortuga and followed up in 2016 with Perdius. The trilogy explores memory, war, death and identity  through an experimental lens.

Nautae is a stage production in which text and performance are intertwined with other forms of physical, mixed media and musical expression. From this dialogue is born a powerful, poetic performance piece with references to icons of contemporary art such as Magritte, Bacon, Warhol and Kiefer. It is an interpretative, intimate and visual piece of theatre which hooks into the emotional intelligence of the audience, offering a musical score with static, subjective snapshots of contemporary political and current affairs.

The centrepiece of the narrative in Nautae is the concept of the ‘mythical journey’, a porous narrative structure able to combine the most universal of cultural references with the stark currency of contemporary dramas. Even the textual content of the work is heterogeneous: the subjective, fantastical narrative of the main character incorporates spartan hexameters from one of the lost tragedies of the Greek playwright Aeschylus, re-establishing their meaning within a renewed plot structure: fragmentary verses finding their place within an epic story with a contemporary structure.


Production: ESPAI_F; Direction: Miquel Costa; Text: Vicent Ferrer; Artwork: Helena Belzer; Physical Performance: Manolo Oya; Interpretation and Song: Xenia Forts. Photography & Video: Pilar Aldea; Graphic Design: art-i-fex


Founded in Formentera in 2009, ESPAI_F is an art collective working in the areas of training, stage production and cultural management. Since February 2016 they have run the "Casa del Poble" cultural centre in Formentera. Their production of Cap de Tortuga (2012), the first in a series of dramatic research projects, was followed by Perdius (2016) and Nautae (2017). The company members are: Miquel Costa (Formentera, 1972) - director and actor; Vicent Ferrer (Formentera, 1967) - philologist and writer; Xènia Fuertes (Girona, 1985) - singer and actress. Manolo Oya (Minneapolis, 1970) - agent. Pillar Aldea (Madrid, 1961) - photographer and filmmaker. Helena Belzer (Germany, 1941) - painter. Valeria Del Vecchio (Naples, 1976) - researcher in dance and movement. Xavi Gaja (Barcelona, ​​1963) - filmmaker. Carme Lluch (Menorca, 1981) - musicologist and composer. Ricardo Vidal (Albacete, 1974) - architect and painter. Raquel Guasch (Formentera, 1978) - philologist and teacher.

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