Oliver Bunn

Thu 06 Feb 2020 to Fri 21 Feb 2020

Preview evening at Volcano Theatre on Friday 7th February from 6pm to 9pm.

“Being passionate about texture, composition and mark making I take an experimental approach, from the media I use to the materials I paint onto. Utilising a wide range of techniques where appropriate such as printing and painting techniques to create texture or shape. I feel as though every time I paint my work flow is different which results in either inconsistency or a whole world of serendipitous moments of joy depending on my perspective at the time. 

I am inspired by the fascinating people of this world that come in all shapes and sizes. When I approach a portrait I contemplate shape, tone, silhouette and the features of the body themselves, I then make a decision on what is absolutely necessary and what can be disposed of. I like to abstract to the nth degree, exploring the idea of identity and how we can recognise a person we know from the smallest detail. How much can you strip away from a portrait before it becomes unrecognisable?“

Oliver Bunn

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