The Populars

Mon 27 Mar 2017 to Sat 08 Apr 2017

The Populars is a show is about the strange and feverish times we are living in, but it does not seek to explain them. Instead it invites you to look on, tune in, and feel the energy and atmosphere within the room.

The Populars is a show for Leavers and Remainers, anarchists and bureaucrats, experts and populists, cosmopolitans and small-towners, villains and heroes, optimists and nostalgics. If we have lost hope of political communication, then at least we can still dance...

At Volcano Theatre, 27 March - 8 April.

Featuring Roanna Lewis, Neal McWilliams, Elin Phillips and Rick Yale.


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A Volcano Original™, conceived and directed by Paul Davies.

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