The Populars

When we announced our intention to make a show for the strange and troubled times we are living through, it was inevitably interpreted as a ‘Brexit show’. This is only true inasmuch as it belongs to the moment in which it is made – you will not find in The Populars an analysis or a re-enactment of what happened in June 2016, or a desire to point the finger at one side or another. Instead we look to the future, thinking about where we go from here and how it might feel when we get there. The Populars dance their hearts out, plumbing the layers of emotion and meaning contained in popular songs, and rejoicing exuberantly in moving to their rhythms, alone and together…

Running time approx 80 minutes. It is available for touring 2019 and can be performed in a range of spaces from theatres to halls to site-specific locations. Minimal set/lx/freight. Age guidance 14+.

The Populars

A Volcano Original™, conceived and directed by Paul Davies.
Movement Director - Catherine Bennett
Featuring Roanna Lewis, Neal McWilliams, Elin Phillips and Rick Yale
Costume by Al Edge and Allie Saunders

Please note that The Populars is a promenade show.

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