Reasons to be Silent

Sat 12 Nov 2005 to Sat 09 Dec 2006

THE HOUSE... a place of comfort, shelter and security. It can speak to us, too, of darker and more troubled things. The walls, corners and stairs all have their memories and associations.

Past inhabitants leave their marks, voices and stories in the woodwork, fixtures and fittings. If bricks and walls had words, if cellars and attics could talk, what would they speak of?

You are invited to take a solitary journey around a strange yet familiar house, while Volcano presents an atmospheric, funny and spine-tingling examination of how we live between four walls.

Reasons to be Silent features performance, video and sound inspired by works as diverse as The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, The Dance of Death by August Strindberg and The Good Housekeeping Guide!

Reasons to be Silent was performed at 5 Llandaff Road, Cardiff in association with CHAPTER, at The Lord Mayor's Mansion House, Ffynone, Swansea in association with TALIESIN and SWANSEA INSTITUTE (now UWTSD) and at Bromfield House, Mold (in association with THEATR CLWYD and NEWI (now GLYNDWR UNIVERSITY).

Collaborators: Paul Davies, John Hardwick, Fern Smith

Site Manager: Leighton Thomas-Burnett

Sound Design & Production: Robbie Stamp

Special thanks to:

Lucy Butler
Andrea Cleary
Amy Critchlow
Sybil Crouch
Jo-anne Cutler
Rory Donohoe
Andrew Deathe
Paul Emmanuel
Amy Fox
Elysia Gregg
Jacob Gregg
Delphi Harley-Davies
Juno Harley-Davies
Julie Hendy
Tania Higgins
Deb Hill
Cllr Chris Holley
Rachel Honan
Chris Hoyle
Kelly Jones
Richard Knapp
Jenn McGuire
Matthew O’Brien
Kate O’Hara
David O’Sullivan-Kountourzis
Stella Patrick
Alana Price
Philip Ralph
Kayte Richards
Niall Sheehy
Erich Talbot
Aimee Timm
James Tyson
Meryl Vadamootoo
Kyle West


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