Romeo & Juliet

Wed 06 Oct 2004 to Sat 26 Nov 2005

SHAKESPEARE's timeworn classic, revitalised for the reality-TV generation.

Watched by cameras and monitored on TV screens, four strangers meet in a house to enact a bizarre game of risk and passion. Over four days they will compete to sacrifice themselves for what they believe in. Funny, tender, disturbing and beautiful, with music from West Side Story to Monty Python and a special guest appearance from Barbie and Ken. Strictly untraditional Shakespeare from the company that brought you L.O.V.E. and Macbeth–Director’s Cut.

“Most directors realise that Shakespeare hadn't quite got his act together when it came to editing and tightening his own work, and that by the time the play drags towards a close half the audience will be silently willing the lovers to die as quickly as possible so they can get to the pub before last orders.” (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian).

No such problem with Volcano’s stylish antidote. This ruthlessly edited and tightly rearranged version brings you all the essential stabbings, poisonings and suicides together with terrific music, movement and video. If you want your Shakespeare performed as a piece of literary heritage in which the only movement is the mechanical operation of the plot, this may not be the production for you. If however you want something more vibrant; if you want your Shakespeare shaken, stirred and brought bang up to date, then our Romeo and Juliet might be just what you’re looking for.

Words (mostly) by William Shakespeare
Directed by Paul Davies and Fern Smith
Video by John Hardwick
Choreography by Rasmus Ölme

2004: Nick Chambers | Matilda Leyser | Niamh McGrady | Eric MacLennan/Philip Ralph
2005: Eric MacLennan Caryl Morgan | Richard Shackley | Amy Starling

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