Space Invaders

Mon 13 Feb 2017 to Fri 10 Mar 2017

Space Invaders is a partnership between three South Wales-based projects that are part of the Arts Council of Wales’ Ideas:People:Places (IPP) portfolio.

In a refreshingly radical way, IPP has allowed artistic practice to challenge a conventional sense of architecture and design to influence the way that community space is planned and managed. These projects all promote the non-prescriptive open-minded approach that artists take to shaping how we sense and use the built environment. For example, our projects have been influential in determining how a historically significant Swansea street is re-imagined; how people are the assets that make a Tredegar housing estate; and how real local culture is embedded in the fabric of a Newport library.

Arts+Minds (Blaenau Gwent), Finding Maindee (Newport) and From the Station to the Sea (Swansea) have come together to create an opportunity for an artist to make a piece of work that engages with some of the ideas and themes common to our three projects and their operation and delivery as part of IPP. We’re interested in an artist’s lateral thinking and perspective on what our projects are trying to do and the means they’re using to do it.

We are particularly interested in the commission exploring the stuff of multi-sectoral partnership working and the different language, organisational cultures, definitions, approaches, infrastructures, etc., that this involves. Above all, we’re interested in how such things as the ‘success’, ‘value’ and ‘impact’ of this work are understood and communicated in a way that doesn’t rely on conventional methods of evaluation.

We are exceptionally open about the detail and workings of this commission and look forward to the resulting artwork surprising us. Of the few things we do know, one is that we want it to result in a piece of work that can be experienced and disseminated online. It may additionally have a ‘live’ element (e.g. as part of a presentation or event), but it is important to us that its online manifestation is part of its conception.

The full brief, including details of How to Apply can be downloaded from the link on the right of this page.

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