Such Courage

Mon 14 Jan 2019 to Mon 28 Jan 2019

Opening Drinks Reception FRIDAY 18 January 6-8pm

The exhibition is an installation of work by sculptor Alison Lochhead. It explores the enormous courage that people have in fleeing their homelands in dire circumstances of war, conflicts and political oppressions. To leave everything that is dear to you and under-take a journey of unimaginable uncertainties and fear, risking yourself as well as your children’s lives; because you have no choice but to try for survival; is extraordinary.

The exhibition is made up of wall pieces as well as sculptures made from clay, slate, glass and iron.

Part of the exhibition also explores the destruction of identities and histories through bombing of libraries, but the words and histories cannot be destroyed. People are wonderfully strong and full of courage. Come and celebrate that in this exhibition.

There will be an open evening from 6 – 8 on 18th January, all welcome and come and talk to the artist about the work.

Ali in Volcano V1 Cut 2

Video of Alison's 2018 Exhibition 'Conflict - Abandonment & Migration' at Volcano, by Culture Colony.

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