Fri 27 Sep 2002 to Mon 29 Sep 2003

TalkSexShow is about our contemporary passion for self-discovery.

Since life is now about learning and not living, this show offers you the learning experience of a lifetime. In a little over an hour, you will learn how to love and be loved. You will understand why members of the opposite sex, or the same sex, have often avoided you. You will learn why so many of your adventures in love have ended so bitterly. You will begin the long process of healing that you have so often embarked upon. You will find happiness when you listen to the guru. After TalkSexShow, you will start living without fear, drugs, religion, music and television cookery classes. 

Using video, and with the help of two very experienced students, a Tantric master of sexual self-discipline will tell you how to love.

Volcano offers you a unique opportunity to master some of the most difficult sexual practices known to humankind.

An evening of humour, practical demonstration, domestic film footage and unparalleled wisdom.

Written by Paul Davies
Directed by Helen Bailey
Video by Owen Oppenheimer
Set & Lighting Design Andrew Jones
Cast: Paul Davies, Rachael Harrison, Eric MacLennan

TalkSexShow appeared at Underbelly in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003 and at Studiobuhne Koln in September 2003

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