Troublemakers' Festival

Thu 13 Jul 2017 to Sun 16 Jul 2017

The Troublemakers’ Festival is about changing the world.  More specifically, it’s about changing the world – starting with Swansea High Street.


The festival reimagines the stretch of street between the station and Castle Square as a pedestrian-friendly place where arts and culture aren’t something special, but are part of everyday life. It opens up buildings that people perhaps don’t normally see and uses spaces that perhaps people don’t normally notice.

Troublemakers' Festival is brought to you by COASTAL HOUSING and VOLCANO and supported by the Arts Council of Wales and The Foyle Foundation.

We define Troublemakers as people who look at the world a little differently, who question why things are the way they are, who see that there might be other ways of doing things, and who make things happen. Over four days from 13th – 16th July, the High Street will become a melting pot of new ideas, alternative thinking and creative problem solving, with a programme of events, artworks, workshops, exhibitions, talks, performances and pop-up happenings that inspire people to think anew about the place where they live and how it might change for the better.

The Troublemakers’ Festival is for everyone who uses Swansea High Street and cares about its future. It’s for people who live on High Street, work on High Street, shop on High Street, socialise on High Street, pass through High Street. It’s for young people and old people. It’s for art lovers and show-goers and it’s for people who’ve never been to a gallery or theatre in their lives. 

The Troublemakers' Festival will include Mark Thomas, Stella Duffy, Bernadette Russell, Rob Kennedy, Charlie Tolfree, Sol Cinema, Ariane Sherine, Deborah Coughlin, Simone Sheridan, Sarah Corbett and MORE. We'll create a manifesto together, lose at the Unfair Funfair, give books away, have a Tea Party, recreate extraordinary speeches from history, watch films, make art, eat pizza. Full programme announced in May.

If you are planning an activity or event that you think fits in Troublemaker's Festival, please get in touch.

From the Station to the Sea is working with Dan Thompson as Programmer of Troublemakers' Festival 2017, the main event of the Station2Sea calendar. Follow him on Twitter at @artistsmakers.

Dan is an award-winning social artist, writer, and speaker living in Margate. His work is about people and places, and the stories that connect them. He is interested in the creation of social capital, in activating abandoned or underused spaces, and in DIY approaches to art, culture and social action.

The Last Resort, Sew Swansea, Galerie Simpson, TechHub, Urban Village, Cinema & Co, Oxfam, Castle Square, Elysium Studios & Galleries, UWTSD, PEG Talks, the Environment Centre, the Women’s Institute...

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