World Writers in Swansea

Fri 07 Apr 2017 to Fri 30 Jun 2017

Got plans for Friday night in Swansea?!

For 3 months, local cross-language writers and artists from around the world will be performing.

Wales PEN Cymru and Swansea University’s Cross-Language Dynamics research project present Volcano Fridays.

Volcano Fridays is welcoming around 30 authors, artists and musicians. The guests will perform in English and their other languages, chat with the audience, and present a chosen piece of music and an image or clip on the theme of ‘languages and communities’.

  • Starts on Friday 7 April, at Volcano Theatre: 27-29 High Street, Swansea, SA1 1LG. Continues until June.
  • Doors open at 7.30pm. Performances start at 8pm.
  • Bar & home-cooked multi-continental food.
  • Free entry: a donation is requested for Wales PEN Cymru and Swansea’s refugee charities


Yang Lian 杨炼 – multi-award winning Chinese poet, exiled in 1989, now based in Berlin. He performs in Chinese, English and ‘Yanglish’.  “Poetry is our unique mother tongue
Ifor ap Glyn – Welsh-language poet, television producer and presenter, and National Poet of Wales.
Amani Bakhiet اماني عمر بخيت – poet in Arabic, from Sudan and from Swansea.

Novelist and dramatist Meltem Arıkan with actor and director Pınar Öğün.
Poet, translator from/into Turkish, and human rights activist Caroline Stockford.
Swansea artist, from IranAmir a Nejad امیر آقا نژاد

Eric Ngalle Charles – Cameroon-born poet, based in Cardiff. As a teenager, Eric spent 2 dangerous years in Russia, thanks to unscrupulous traffickers. His memoirs of those years will be published soon.
Rhys Trimble – renowned performance bardd / poet in Welsh and English.
Edin Suljic – poet and film-maker from London, born in the Former Yugoslavia: he still speaks the vanished language of the Former Yugoslavian People.

Poets and writers in many languages, including members of Swansea’s Poets on the Hill community writing group and the Hafan Books ‘Refugees Writing in Wales’ project.
Bashar Farahat بشار فرحات – Syrian doctor, poet and Amnesty International activist, from London.
Jeni Williams – Swansea poet, artist and teacher.
Bohdan Piasecki from Birmingham: Polish poet, performance artist, and translator.


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