Young Volcano

Sat 01 Apr 2017


Come and see what we have been up to in our creative dance sessions this term.

Whizz, flash and zap with our Dash group (ages 4 - 7).

Experience the energy of our Creative Contemporary group (ages 8-12) as they create wild and wonderful ways of moving through space.

And finally, question whether we are coming to the end of time as we know it with Volcano Youth Company's piece Ten Minutes Longer (ages 13 -22).



DASH is a weekly session for 4-7 year olds
Join our energetic class with a focus on creativity, supporting physical development and building confidence. Freedom of expression is encouraged and nurtured through the use of imagery and structured improvisation.

The Dash session is currently full. Please contact us to enrol your child for the new season from May onwards.

Dash sessions are Saturday mornings 10 -10:45am

CREATIVE CONTEMPORARY for 8-12 year olds
An imaginative and stimulating session introducing young movers to the basic principles of contemporary movement by exploring lively dance phrases and creative exercises. The children develop their own movement and choreography.

Saturday mornings from 11 - 12pm

Both classes are led by Volcano Associate Artist Catherine Bennett.

OLDER THAN 12? Try Volcano Youth Company for 13-22 year olds

Full Course Fee for the movement sessions is £44 (£4 per session). Volcano Youth Company is free to participants.
For more information or to reserve a place contact Kay:
01792 464790 |

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